About Us

In June 2014, brothers Ian and David Macintosh joined forces to open their first restaurant in Crouch End. They named it Heirloom, a nod to their shared heritage and passion for prized British ingredients. 


Since then, Heirloom has fulfilled their ambitions to become one of Crouch End’s most acclaimed restaurants, earning good reviews from top publications and, more importantly, the approval of locals. 


Seasons change, dishes come and go, and our kitchen team constantly strive for innovation. But Heirloom’s founding ethos remains untouched: Modern British cuisine in a warm, welcoming setting.



We take time to source the best ingredients from across Britain and Europe; some come from closer to home. Our garden supplies the kitchen team with fresh herbs, vegetables and edible flowers. Ask us nicely and in the warmer months we might even give you a little tour.


Ian Macintosh, Chef Patron

The older of the two brothers, Ian has been a chef for over fifteen years and brings a wealth of experience, plus ingredient and supplier knowledge, to bear on menus at Heirloom. Prior to opening Heirloom, his cheffing travels took him to rural New Zealand, where he caught fish for menus, and San Francisco, working with his brother David on an award-winning food truck.


David Macintosh, Produce Director

David takes responsibility for sourcing and cultivating top-quality ingredients for the Heirloom kitchen and also oversees new dish creations. Along with a degree in Economics, he is able to call upon ten years’ cooking experience, having worked in kitchens with strong farm-to-table principles across the world, including Canada and the US.