At Heirloom we work with some of the best suppliers in the U.K, as the seasons change so does the menu. Coming into Autumn expect to see wild mushrooms, game, pumpkins, brassicas & lots more. Listed below is some of the different places our produce comes from and the dishes we have on the menu at the moment.

Fruit & Veg mainly comes from a growers collective based in rural Kent, they use a courier service to send in produce from around 20 different farms. They grow anything from squash, heritage beetroots to rare varieties of apples and pears. The Swiss chard been served with braised lamb this weekend tastes great.

Harvest London is based in Walthamstow and grows old varieties of lettuce, brassicas and herb. Currently on the menu we have Komatsuna which has a a slight mustard flavour, this is wilted down with potatoes and served with fish. Also on the menu is red wizard choi, simular to bak choi but with a more delicate flavour, for Winter this is paired nicely with squash and oyster mushrooms.

Westons rose veal is based in Devon, they farm pedigree Jersey dairy cows. The female cows produce milk whereas the male cows are used for the rose veal, they spend all there time on the paddock and eat 100% grass diet. For Christmas we are serving Osso buco which comes from the shin.

Workshop coffee is based down in Hackney, they brew seasonal single origin coffee. They buy from small batches and source there beans themselves so the coffee changes with the seasons just like our menu.

Venison is supplied from Vicars Game near Reading, they farm there own venison, at the moment we have a breed called Sika which has a milder flavour than most deer. We are serving it with a variety of English plum called fortune supplied by Wellocks in Lancashire.

Hackney Gelato are based not surprisingly in broadway market in Hackney, they make the Gelato with top quality Italian gelato with the flavours leaning towards a more English twist. Look out for the mince pie flavour this Christmas.